5 Ways To Build A Following

So you have set up your business page on Facebook (if not read this), so now you want people to follow you. This is called a Page Like on Facebook.

So how do you get people to like your Facebook page?

1. Create interesting content that is worthy of sharing.
People are not just going to read anything. It must add some kind of value to them. This can be entertaining, informative and should align to your market’s content philosophy to be deemed valuable enough to share it.

2. Invite your friends to Like the page.
This will spread the net so to speak as their friends will see that they have liked your page. Your friends are also more likely to Like your page in the beginning to help you out. You can even ask them to recommend your page to their friends. This is an important step when starting out.

3. Add link to your social media profiles on your website.
This makes it easier for people to view your social media pages and follow you.

4. Promote your page.
Allow a budget $20 – $50 and promote your page. You can create an audience to promote to based on factors such as location, age, and gender.

5. Run a competition.
Define an audience then offer them something that they want. For example, a service you provide or a good you sell. Then follow up with the people that engagement with the competition.

Remember social media is a channel and therefore requires some budget. Start off small to see how it goes.

Next post will be on how to measure the success of the post by understanding the data that comes back.

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