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Strategy & Analytics

Digital Strategy & Google Analytics


A digital strategy is made up of a series of online actions. When performed correctly these will help your business reach its goals. Any digital strategy will contain a combination of online marketing tools. The order in which these tools will be used is determined in the digital strategy – without one, you are most likely flying blind. A digital strategy will also determine which tools are not to be used as they do not assist in reaching your goals.

It is important to clearly define your goals. Be specific and fix numbers to the goals. Don’t just say make more money. For example, say increase organic traffic to the website by 15% on the previous year, or increase the number of followers on the Facebook page to 2,500 over the next six months. By doing this, you can implement the strategy and monitor its progress to stay on track.

Measure results using Google Analytics to track and review progress. Google Analytics can also report on metrics such as most visited pages, number of pages seen per visit and the length of the visit. It can also show which pages are not performing, allowing you to reassess the page to make it perform better. Events and goals, such as button clicks, PDF downloads, and video views can also be measured to show how well your call to actions are performing.

If you are not sure how to formulate a digital marketing strategy or you need to sort out your Google Analytics so you can understand and make decisions based on these reports, get in touch and I can help explain this further.